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Chief Scientific Officer at Global BioAccess Fund, a drug development executive and thought leader whose scientific, regulatory, operational and business experience uniquely positions her to assess, develop and optimize pharmaceutical strategy.

She has over 25 years of global experience driving the development and execution of pharmaceutical strategy, developing and leading teams and transformations that have delivered significant results in multiple therapeutic areas including oncology, anti-infectives, and vaccines.

As a licensed investment banker and a Managing Director at RM Global Partners, she provides strategic advice to clients to advance the development of their assets followed by successful private placements or out-licensing. For example, she jointly advised Bridge Bio in a global outlicensing deal for its autotaxin inhibitor, BBT-877, to Boehringer Ingelheim for IPF. She co-led negotiations that identified the ideal deal structure which led to one of the largest biopharma licensing deals in 2019 where Bridge Bio was to receive upfront and near-term payments of €45M and more than €1.1B in potential milestone payments.

Lisa is a CSO for the RMG Healthcare Fund which specifically invests in FuturX portfolio companies. Her experience allows the Fund to include potential development risks when deciding to invest. She has also provided strategic input to the Fund’s portfolio companies which resulted in adjustments in the company’s overall and risk mitigation strategies. 

From 2012 to 2014, Lisa was the Vice President of R&D Operations for Ikaria responsible for all operational aspects of the R&D organization. During her tenure, she successfully reorganized and upgraded Project Management, Clinical Operations and Contracts & Outsourcing departments. Her work assessing and refocusing R&D management and oversight committees led to improved team performance and productivity.

Lisa was Executive Director, Global Program Leader for Celgene from 2008 to 2012. Under her leadership, the business case and global registration program for pomalidomide (Pomalyst – with global yearly sales of over $2B) were developed and endorsed by executive management. Lisa led the plan up to a successful NDA submission leading to approval in both the US and EU.

Prior to 2008, while at Novartis and Chiron, Lisa successfully led organizations through the challenging process of identifying the optimal strategy and operational plan to balance business and science, ensuring on time delivery, a successful approval, and maximized ROI. 

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