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We fund companies who need capital to support IND submission and clinical trials.

  • What rounds do you invest in?
    We most often invest from Series A to Series C. However, we can participate as late as crossover financings.
  • How much do you typically invest?
    We can invest up to $10M throughout the lifespan of a company. However, with our limited partners (LPs) we can invest additional funds in later stage rounds.
  • Do you lead rounds?
    We can lead, co-lead or actively participate in financing rounds.
  • Where do you invest?
    Primarily in the United States. However, we are open to partnering with companies from other countries.
  • How do you help your partner companies?
    Our network of advisors consists of leading scientists and clinicians, regulatory experts and pharma veterans Together with our advisors we provide you with the deep domain expertise you need to successfully accelerate your development journey and bring your technology to patients.
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